An integral part of the process of creating our staircase designs is choosing what material your staircase will be made from Melbourne Stairs supplies a wide range of different timbers for you to select. From Spotted Gum to Swiss Pearwood, our elaborate array of timbers will ensure we design your staircase accurately.

No one is better equipped to provide Melbourne residents with modern or traditional staircase designs. Our commitment to our customers ensures we are an industry leader in providing first class stair materials.

Below are examples of the range of timbers we use for our staircase designs.

Spotted Gum




Tas Oak

Sydney Blue Gum

Baltic Pine

Brush Box

Black Butt

Vic Ash

Radiata Pine

Swiss Peralwood



American Walnut

American Cherry

When considering stair material, it is important to consider that timber is a natural material and the colour does vary. No single piece of timber will be exactly the same as another piece. Colour differences are a part of natural timber and should be appreciated in their own right.

Consider carefully what colour would suit your staircase best. Take into account the other colours and materials that will be surrounding the stairs. Perhaps you already have other wood products nearby the intended space, such as skirting boards, and need to match the colour or type of wood. Wall colours, natural or artificial light and floor material are also important factors to add into the equation. Take some time to consider these aspects and when you feel you are ready, call Melbourne Stairs for an expert consultation on your timber staircase.

To help you specify the type of stair plan you would like designed, you can download an information sheet by clicking here.

We can help you Reach New Heights with our wide variety of staircase services and products. Melbourne Stairs provides premier staircase designs, internal stairs and baluster designs in Melbourne.

For further information on our materials for internal stairs, and baluster or to learn how Melbourne Stairs can produce quality staircase designs for you, call us on (03) 9439 8452 or visit our contact us page.


Enjoy beautiful and affordable staircases in your home or business. Our friendly team can assist you to select the best design to suit your interior or exterior. Call (03) 9439 8452 or , send an online enquiry to find out more about our product range.