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Choosing the right material for your staircase is always demanding given the vast considerations to be made. Timber balusters provide you with a lasting solution for your handrails making them a top feature.

Staircases are a centrepiece of attraction in any home holding more than there practicality which is facilitating movement from one floor to the other. These decorative elements require a high level of attention and customization to suit any interior or exterior space adding to the aesthetic appeal of a building. The good news is that there are multiple options to choose from whenever you are thinking about a staircase design and materials that will seamlessly blend with your décor.

One of the most fundamental components that are instantly noticeable in any stairs is the handrails. Handrails are required both for the stability and protection of those who will be using the staircases besides being a decorative element. It is therefore of importance that you choose the materials for your handrails carefully if you want topmost value for the investment. A leading favourite option for many homeowners is timber balusters which can easily be tailored to match any modern or contemporary style for any project.

The basic principles on how to build a handrail are affected by the rise and run of stairs which determines the overall setting. Depending on the final design that you settle on, timber balusters can always be crafted to any size and style for a perfect installation. An aspect of wood that makes it the go-to building material at all times is its timeless nature. As a homeowner, you are after a decision that will not only interest you for a while but have a lasting spark even after many years. Handrails made of timber never lose their aesthetics and with a little care are destined to last for decades.

Another reason why timber balusters must be a top priority is in the variety of wood for stairs that you can choose from depending on colour and type. The primary colour guide for most wood is walnut, white oak, ash, pine, hemlock, sapele, and white primed wood. These natural colours only require a little varnish which enhances their looks by giving your handrails a clean-looking finish. If the natural colours do not match your overall plans, then you can go ahead and paint them giving them a touch that matches your indoor painting and floors.

In the end, for timber balusters to give you that final touch which will not only complement but enhance your stairs, finding a competent team of craftsmen is of equal importance. Go for a team that has the experience in creating a range of baluster styles and are driven by innovation. The versatility of choice and the guarantee that the handrails can be customised in any way that you desire is all you need for your project to be successfully accomplished. In the midst of all the excitement never forget to insist on balusters that are made from the finest timber which will give you the peace of mind on durability and resistance to scratches especially by the young ones.

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